Wednesday, 20 June 2018

About Body Massage Treatments

Massage therapy has existed for thousands of years and has long been promoted for its health benefits and calming effects, and therefore it is still recommended today to receive regular massage. There are some things to consider before receiving a massage, including which method is best for you as well as how to find a trustworthy massage therapist


A massage is an effective form of stress management. After a long tiring day a good massage can do wonders to your body in ways you can't think of. Massage therapy has a lot of health benefits associated with it, including but not limited to, regulation of sleep and digestion, stress reduction, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. Full body massage can also help with spinal and muscular adaptation discrepancies as well as help increase a person's flexibility while relieving joint pain or pressure.

There are ample benefits associated with therapeutic massage as established medically. Read on to learn about it in detail:

Elimination of Muscle Cramps
Strenuous workout, inappropriate postures can result in excruciating muscle cramps. Hot oil massage is not only an effective stress relieving tool for your cramped muscles but it also soothes out pain naturally. As per Chiropractors practicing massage therapy, our body has an innate potential to heal an injury if nerves that are controlling muscles are at ease.

Boosts your immunity
It is a medically proven fact regular stress may lead to hypertension and this, in turn, wreak havoc on the immune system of the body. Fragile immune system invites several illnesses and infections. Regular massage sessions help in activating Cytotoxic capacity of the body and its function as a natural infection killer. Kneading movement activates elimination of T cells in the body boosting immunity towards alien antibodies.

Combats depression

Cortisol levels in the body are elevated due to over-thinking, the depressive drift of our nervous system. The art of massage combined with essential oils stimulates our senses, sending signals to the brain that in turn releases serotonin and dopamine which helps in stabilizing moods. Thus, massage plays a pivotal role in minimizing stress hormones that lead to depression.

To relax and rejuvenate your body, massages are the best option and its one of the biggest stress busters for people these days. Be it arthritis, headaches or depression, there are several kinds of massages for different ailments. However, the most popular type is a head to toe relaxation massage. This kind of therapy is renowned for bring great relief to individuals suffering from stress.

Flexibility of muscles
An intense massage session adds tensile strength, agility and flexibility to muscles. It strengthens joints and induces a range of motion covering tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. The fluidity of joints results in greater flexibility and eliminates stiffness that increases the risk of injuries.
Enhances blood flow and circulation

When blood fails to reach out to every nook and cranny of every tissue, poor circulation caused results in several ailments like fatigue, paleness, tense muscles and achiness. Kneading at certain pressure points helps in stimulating blood flow gushing to tissue boosting and cleansing the same. The pressure also serves elimination of unwanted lactic acid secreted by tired muscles. This flushing helps Lymph nodes work effectively pushing out all the metabolic waste.

Glowing skin naturally
One of the biggest boons of a massage session is to our skin that shines brightly owing to rich blood flow stimulated by good massage mixed with essential oils including jojoba oil, almond oil etc. 

Kneading improves skin texture, gives it rich nourishment making it more supple and smooth. Massage strokes tighten muscles and add vibrancy to it, easing out stress and cramps. Thus, an ancient practice of pressing, stroking and manipulating of skin muscles, ligaments, results in overall nourishments of muscle's strength, beauty, and flexibility. Heal your body naturally; massage is a way of eliminating several ailments.

Which one to choose

When you choose a modality of massage, you want to consider the purpose of massage. If your goal is to relax, then a Swedish massage would be the best fit. Swedish massage focuses on long-term stroke, called dyeing stroke, as support in circulation while promoting the parasympathetic nervous system. If muscle pain is your main concern, then perhaps a deep tissue massage would be a better fit that would be aimed at problem areas and focus on relieving knots and tension areas.

Special Massage
There are forms of massage that focus on specific relationships in life, such as pregnancy massage that focuses on remedying the expectant mother's ischiadicus pressure and spinal adaptation. Sports massage would fall under this category as well as which you want to pursue immediately before or after an event like a marathon to prepare the muscles for a strict training or support in recovering the used muscles.

It's imperative to give enough time to it

Most people these days suffering from stress be it in their personal or professional life. Over stressing results in muscles tensions which in turn leads to breathing problems. Due to this, the oxygen level in your body decreases to a large extent.Massages are known to release tensed muscles and bringing back the oxygen levels to a normal level which is why most physicians recommend such therapies after a hard day at work. 

But not everyone can spare that sort of time behind these therapies because they are too busy with their schedule. Precisely for this reason, these people can't reap the rewards of massages. This is understandable because like any other therapy if you do not practice it frequently, it won't be beneficial to you.There are, however, other alternatives like self-massaging which can be an extremely viable option. Going to a spa or a therapy centre is not imperative these days as you can learn simple tricks to massage your friend or relative just like a professional.


Make sure that your therapist gives you a health check or questionnaire before beginning any treatment that some medical ailments or medications will be affected by a body massage. For example, typically a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy should not get a massage, just like a breast cancer survivor who has had lymph nodes removed nodules will receive altered strokes over that part of her body.