Monday, 25 September 2017

Ideas for a Best Massage

Your massage professional is going to be interested in your health history and any current problems you may have or areas that need special attention or gentle handling. Upon making your appointment they will recommend that you arrive fully hydrated with water and avoid a large meal just before your massage.

Some massages are mainly relaxing while others are energizing. They all improve your joint range, overall flexibility, stress level, circulation and correct shallow breathing. Most massages involve oils. Aromatherapy allows you to select distinctively fragrant oil based on your need for relaxation, stress reduction, mental clarity, or invigoration.

A massage provides gentle kneading and stroking of your muscles using medium pressure, while others involve much more intense pressure.

Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Qigong, Shiatsu and Sports massages are the more intense ones that benefit you by relaxing your muscles at a deeper level and contribute to feeling that your tense muscles have become unknotted. Each type of massage is unique. As you experience one and then another, you will begin to have favorites. You will find what helps you relax on your most stressful days.

The only massage mentioned here that involves the use of heat, beyond a traditional sheet or blanket, is the wonderful Hot Stone massage. Not only does this massage, using various size stones, loosen tight muscles but their heat sinks into your body giving a deep sense of calm and wellness.
Each unique massage has its specific benefits that you select based on your needs that day. Perhaps a unique method is the Thai massage. This is the only procedure where the client remains fully clothed in especially loose, comfortable clothes. Both the client and massage professional sit and lie down on a thickly padded floor mat. This is sometimes called a Yoga massage since the client essentially experiences a Yoga session with someone else doing all the work and guiding.

The masseuse or masseur will move around the client to stretch, pull, gently twist and turn the client's body. Deeper breathing automatically increases, providing a good way to cleanse the results of shallow breathing. As arms and legs are guided, bent and stretched through the movements, joints will improve their flexibility and range of movements.

Muscles will respond by relaxing and lengthening. You may realize good results through reduced congestion in your lymphatic system.
The improvement in your general sense of wellness from the Thai massage and others can be remarkable. At the end of your massage, your masseuse will allow you to lie quietly by yourself for a few moments before rising to dress and leave the massage room. You will likely be thinking about your schedule, calculating when you have time to return.

Normally your masseuse will be waiting just outside the room with a glass of water for you. She will recommend that you frequently drink for the rest of the day to continue the healthy work you have begun.

Whether you select the deeply warming, soothing Hot Stone massage, relaxing or the gently physical Thai massage, you will undoubtedly leave relaxed, thinking more clearly, vowing to recommend this to your friends and to return yourself.

There are many manufacturers who boast that a quality massage chair can last over ten years; however, without any maintenance, just like any other equipment, massage chairs equally require an important regular checking or maintenance.

By taking care of your massage chair like those massage chair you are essentially maintaining it in its best working condition at all times.

Here are some tips on taking care of your massage chairs:

1. Vacuum the Chair Regularly
You can do this at least twice or thrice a week. In vacuuming, you can use the soft brush attachment. Vacuuming will keep the pores in the leather open and breathing. Then in between vacuum sessions, dust the leather using a dry rag.

2. Leather Massage Chairs should be Wiped with Damp Cloth
These chairs are made out of leather or microfiber, cleaning it is not as frequently necessary as cleaning your dining table. In fact, wiping it with a sanitizing spray or a gentle moisturizing soap and a well wrung out, slightly damp soft cloth at least three times a week is already enough to dust off dirt. This is because leather or microfiber is shiny and slippery, allowing dirt to just slide on it.
Remember, do not over saturate your massager with moistness and never rinse it with water. This is because it's made up of mechanical materials that could cause rusting and electrical items that could pose dangers like electrocution and fire. Also, do not use printed towels; just use plain white rags as not to transfer the ink to the leather.

3. Do not Use Furniture Polish on Leather Either
Also never use any furniture oil. This will only clog the very tiny holes or pores of the leather, preventing the air from passing through.

4. Stay away from Cleaning Solvents and Abrasive Cleaners
These include ammonia-based cleaners, bleach, varnish, saddle soap, and alkaline cleaners. These agents could certainly damage your leather, ruining the aesthetics of your massager.
Also, as much as possible, place the chair away from sunny spots or direct sunlight, heat, and air conditioning sources. This is done to prevent the leather from fading, cracking and drying.

5. Test Stain Removing Products on Hidden part of the Massage Chair
If your chair could acquire stains that won't wipe off, shop for a recommended leather stain remover spray and follow the directions exactly. When removing stains, always test a small amount of the cleaning product on a hidden area of your massage chair before using it. And if color changes do occur, do not use such cleaner to remove the specific stains from your chair.

It is recommended to make use spot cleaning methods very carefully and sparingly. Or you can use natural cleaning agents like lemon juice. For instance, if your chair has blood, food drippings, and other dark stains, you can make a paste using a part of tartar and lemon juice and rub it on the area. Let the cleaning agent stay for about ten minutes and remove it using a damp rag and moisturizing soap, then buff with a dry cloth. For ink stain

s, you can use isopropyl alcohol dab in a cotton swab and lightly rub it on the affected area, then dry it through using a blow drier set at a minimum. But for grease and newspaper stains, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the grease stain, and for the newspaper mark, you can spray the stained area with aerosol spray and immediately wipe with soft cloth.