Sunday, 16 April 2017

10 Benefits Of Massage

Traditionally, massage was not considered a viable treatment option. But as treatment methods continue to evolve, massage has received a warm reception among medical practitioners, therapists and the general public. Extensive studies have played a part too. Findings from these studies have discovered massaging goes beyond mere relaxation. Having massage sessions often leads to better physical, emotional and psychological health. The reason is because massage enables the body naturally experience a healing effect. Dedicating only an hour to a massage session every week can lead to great results in future. As the body becomes accustomed to regular massage, it is able to develop the power to boost one’s health, minimize stress levels. As a result, the overall productivity of a person in day to day activities is improved. This article aims at enlightening readers on 10 major benefits of massage.

1. Relaxation
Our bodies deserve some time to regain energy and give us the service we need. That is why it is necessary to engage in relaxation. Relaxation is not only achieved through resting and napping but also through massaging. When our bodies are exposed to high levels of physical and mental stress, they respond in a negative way. The levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) increase. What follows next is a series of health problems such as massive increase in weight and constant migraines. Indulging in massaging helps to counteract the effects of the stress hormone released when a person is under stress. Massaging ensures the levels of stress hormone are kept very low leading to reduced stress. A person develops positive emotions which enhance a relaxed and happy mood.

2. Reduction of stress and depression 
Everyone has got his or her fair share of challenges in life. When the challenges are too much to put up with, stress and depression sets in. If not addressed early, they can lead to poor health and a state of hopelessness. But the remedy is very simple. Guidance and counseling session aside, massage therapy unleashes many benefits. When people develop a norm for having regular massaging, they help minimize stress and depression. Massaging involves the aspect of touch in a professional approach. Massage experts believe the aspect of touch provides calming effects to a stressed person. At the end of the massage session, both the physical state and emotional state of a person is enhanced. First, general relaxation occurs. After relaxation, a person feels energetic, vibrant and very motivated.

3. Boosts sleep
A lot of people often have disturbed sleep. The situation is worse in people that receive chemotherapy treatment. A good massage yields relaxation which leads to better sleeping patterns. Massage therapists also recommend massaging for new borns who have sleeping challenges.

4. Blood pressure regulation
Are you aware massaging aids in blood pressure regulation? According to medical research experts, the more people engage in massaging, the more stable their blood pressure becomes. If a person has blood pressure fluctuations, constant massage therapy can gradually lower the blood pressure. This then leads to other health benefits such as: reduced risk of chronic diseases (strokes and heart attacks).

5. Enhances posture 
What is the source of persistent back and muscle pain among people? Studies suggest that the major cause of back and muscle pain in most people is due to postural stress. Postural stress arises due to the adoption of a poor posture. Most people do not pay attention to how they sit or stand which causes the condition of the muscles and back to rapidly deteriorate. Instead of subjecting the body to extremely invasive treatment to correct the posture, massage therapy can be considered. Massaging enables restoration of body posture through aligning it accordingly. Massage targets the parts that inflict pain on the body by making them flexible hence easing back and muscle pain. Joints and muscles become more and more relaxed. When the pain is eradicated, the body is able to naturally acquire the correct posture.

6. Healing of muscles
Strenuous workouts and physical activities can lead to injured and cramped muscle tissues. Injured muscles cause body stiffness, tension and pain. Massaging enables the muscles to relax hence reducing any pain the body is exposed to. Through massaging, blood circulation to the muscles is facilitated. The muscles are supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients which promotes their recovery and healing. Massaging also triggers production of hormones that relieve the body of pain further promoting healing of muscles.

7. Improved circulation
Improved circulation results if massaging is done consistently and in the right manner. There are several massaging techniques that lead to improved circulation of blood to all parts of the body. The squeezing movements and pulling techniques that occur during a massage gets rid of lactic acid that is present in the muscles. The pressure exerted by the masseuse’s hand on the body assists the blood to reach injured sections of the body. The pressure also contributes to more blood supply to the body tissues.

8. Boosts the immune system
Massaging is a way of enabling the body to increase its power to protect itself. Massaging enables the body to shield itself from harm posed by diseases. It might seem hard to understand how massage and immune system relate. But there is a strong productive relationship between the two. Recent studies have indicated that massage is responsible for increased white blood cells in the body. These cells are responsible for protecting the body against illnesses. Massage activates the killer cells in the body. The body is therefore able to develop a strong immune system.

9. Facilitates post-surgery recovery
The period after surgery is very crucial for full recovery. Massage proves useful in the recovery process by decreasing post-surgery swelling. It also aids in renewed growth of tissues.

10. Reduces occurrence of headaches
People experience headaches from time to time. Rather than taking painkillers why not consult a massage therapist. A simple massage session is enough to significantly reduce the pain a headache causes.

In conclusion, massage provides people with many health benefits. The after effect of massaging is so nourishing and relaxing. A person experiences fulfillment of the mind and physical healing. Hence people should seek massage services from expert masseuses and masseurs.