Sunday, 28 August 2016

Swedish Massage VS Reflexology

For generations massages of various types and methods have been used for treating various health and other related issues. They have help treat physical, physiological and mental problems. It would not be wrong to state that they are times tested and have been able to give new lives to thousands of people over the past many decades. There are many types of massages ranging from Thai massages to Indian massages, from Indian massages to Chinese massages and so on. In this particular article we will have a closer look at the basic difference between Swedish massage and Reflexology. However, before finding out the difference between the same, it is important for us to have basic understand between the same. Hence let us get started having some basic and primary knowledge between Swedish Massage and Reflexology.

What Is Swedish Massage

This is a type of massage where the main objective is to find out ways and means by which the entire body is relaxed. It basically involves rubbing of muscles and mostly it is about using well trained and mastered gliding strokes. Strokes are in the direction in which the blood is being returned to heart by the body. In other words, when we talk about Swedish Massage we are looking at a massage system where the strokes are directed in the way the veins move blood to the heart. It helps a lot in increasing the level of oxygen supply to the blood. It also is extremely beneficial for reducing toxins in the muscles and improving flexibility and circulation and also could help a lot in reducing tension. It also could play a big role in reducing the stress inducing hormone called cortisol.

Benefits And How It Is Done
There are also studies to prove that with regular Swedish massage is also is possible to improve the immunity of the body by increasing the number of lymphocytes. There are many types of massage techniques in Sweden such as tapping using percussion like methods, kneading, applying pressure using palms and hands, stretching and bending. It is also possible to customize this type of massage keeping in mind specific needs and requirements of the customers.

What Is Reflexology

Now coming to the topic of Reflexology this is about a therapeutic method where the objective is to stimulate specific points of the body. This could be a part of the overall reflexology map, covering hands, face, feet and other parts of the body. It is believed that these points of pressure have a direct connection to the nervous system. Hence they play a role in impacting and affecting the various parts of the body, glands and various vital and not so vital organs. The kind of impact that the various points have would depend on the manipulation as far as these reflex points are concerned. The pressure could be in various types ranging from moving pressure to static pressure, circular movements and other such methods. The main objective of reflexology is to try and give stimulation to those various points. Hence there is no doubt that there are some basic differences between the two and understanding a few of them could be interesting and helpful in finding out the main objective of both.

Basic Differences
When we look at the differences between the two there are a few things which come to our mind. When we talk about Swedish massage we are basically talking about muscle manipulation. On the other hand when we talk about reflexology we are talking about the stimulating of certain reflex points and it could be any part of the body, though ideally it is in the hand, feet, face and certain other parts of the body. However, both these techniques and therapies are known to provide the best of relaxation. It is but possible that massage could have a wider and broader spectrum of various techniques. On the other hand when we talk about reflexology we need to keep in mind the chosen reflexive points and the same have the detected correctly so that the therapy can work properly and deliver the desired results on the ground.

A Few More Thoughts About Reflexology
Since there is kneading, pressing and other such techniques involved in Swedish massage it may not find favor with many people because it could be painful and uncomfortable at time. However when it comes to removing toxins completely from the body there is hardly any doubt that gong in for this method of treatment would always be a better option.

On the other hand we mention reflexology it uses a press-hold-release method. This is often referred to the walk of the caterpillar. This is because the movements are extremely minute and precise to the maximum extent possible. Further the pressure is possible to be adjusted and can range from firms to light. But this may not be always possible as far as Swedish massaging is concerned. There could be many customers who could find benefit from a single touch which could be very light. On the other hand there could be others who might start feeling some difference only when the pressure is hard and continuous for a reasonable period of time. This will give them immediate results from pain which could be in some other part of the body. This is because that particular reflexive point is directly connected to the area where the pain is bit on the higher side. Some areas of the foot are also given these and touch and release pressure in reflexology and this could also have a big impact on the spine relate problems.

Both Perhaps Are The Different Sides Of The Same Coin
At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that both these forms of massages and reflexive technologies have their own pros and cons, According to many they are both are the same sides of the same coin and the onus should be left to the customers to choose the one which they feel suits their specific needs and requirements. While massage works on improving blood circulation, reflexology might perhaps help in removing certain medical and physical conditions without the need for medications.