Sunday, 3 July 2016

What Makes An Excellent Massage Therapist?

A good massage helps you get rid of pains, eases stress, and energizes your senses. If you really want to enjoy all these benefits, it is very important to find a great massage therapist. Just because someone has a license, it does not make him/her a good therapist. To help you find the best, we shall now discuss some qualities that excellent massage therapists must possess.

1. Great Manners
It is very important that the therapist must have good manners and can make you comfortable in the massage room. They should have great communication skills, should help the client know everything that would be involved in the massage therapy, should listen to any concerns the clients have, and should also answer all questions. If the therapist you are considering is not polite, does not listen to you, is arrogant, and just wants to begin and end the session, he/she likely will not give you the kind of experience you are looking for.

2. Perfect Communication Skills
Communications skills have a very important role to play here, more than you can imagine. Your therapist needs to listen well and also know how to communicate. Both the massage therapist and the client should be aware of the expectations from the massage. This will help create a good rapport between both and ensure the session turns out as is desired.

For instance, the therapist should know what are the problems that the clients wants to be addressed, how much pressure he/she will be able to tolerate, if there are any areas that need to be avoided, and if the client has any medical history that may cause any concern during the massage.

The therapist should tell his/her client exactly what would happen during the massage session. The clients should know if any private area (like pectorals in the chest or glutes in the buttock) would be touched, and if the pressure used during the therapy will need to be a little uncomfortable so that the goal is reached. They also need to inform how the client will have to be dressed or undressed for the procedure, and if the client will need to move at all during the therapy. You certainly would not want to go to someone who does not inform you about the procedure, and suddenly starts touching you a certain way, without warning.

3. Proper Knowledge of Human Physiology and Anatomy
Therapists do not attend courses just to know how to give a good massage, as they also need to learn why they are massaging the area concerned and what kind of effect the massage will produce.

For instance, as most massages involve muscular tissues, it is important for the therapist to know where the muscle is located, where it starts and ends, what is the muscle fibers’ direction, and so on. Not only is this type of information important for a therapist to become a good therapist, but it also makes the difference between just a rub-down and an amazing massage. You may even ask the therapist certain questions just to see if he/she has all essential information and you are in safe hands.

4. The “Magical Touch”
Well, of course, if you are going for a massage, you expect that magical touch that will rid your pain, give you relief, and help you relax. A good therapist should understand your needs without you needing to point to the particular area precisely. For instance, if someone says that he/she is having a tight shoulder and neck, the therapist should know where exactly to begin from, and should be able to handle the problem easily.

In fact, a great therapist should also be able to find those problems that the client does not even know existed. The therapist should always work on their client in a way to meet their demands and even offer more. If he/she does not work the way the client desires and instead does things the way they find suitable, this certainly is not a sign of the best massage therapists.

5. Great Love for their Job

It is not at all difficult to determine if a person likes their work or no. You can make out if the person is enjoying doing his/her job or is just working to earn money. Someone who is happy and loves his/her job will always have a smile while performing tasks and their face turns bright even when someone mentions about their work. They are passionate, and this passion helps them offer the best services. Would you want a therapist who is massaging you just for the sake of it or someone who is passionate about massaging, and will do his/her job perfectly?

6. Confidence

There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance makes a person conceited, as they have a high opinion of their abilities or qualities, even if it is not satisfactory. Confidence is reflected when a person believes in their abilities. You would not want an arrogant therapist who might not be doing things perfectly, yet believes he/she is the best, but a therapist who has experience, knows his/her job well, and offers you perfect service.

7. Cleanliness
Cleanliness is important in every profession, and this is something massage therapists too should give importance to. Cleanliness means maintenance of good hygiene. The massage room should be clean, well organized, and hygienic. You would not want to enter a room with papers here and there, the massage bed and sheets not clean, and the ambiance is not soothing for a massage.

At the same time, personal hygiene of the therapist is equally important. You certainly would not a therapist with bad breath giving you a massage. Therapists who smoke between shift breaks might not realize that they smell, but this is something you certainly will notice. This smell can be a big turn off.

When you imagine a massage room, you think of clean bed and sheets, aromatherapy candles lit, soothing music and just enough light. This is exactly what the massage room should actually be like, and a good therapist should always maintain his/her room this way.

You can begin your search for the best massage therapists in your area by searching the internet, or if anyone you know of has opted for a massage recently, you may even take suggestions from them. However, before scheduling an appointment, you should visit the therapist’s office, check the massage room, ask all important question, and if all seems okay, decide the day and get ready to be rejuvenated.