Sunday, 12 June 2016

Can Pregnant Woman Have Foot Massage?

Most pregnant mothers believe that massage can improve their overall health, and most of them want to have a message session sometimes. Although it is healthy for pregnant mothers to undergo a foot massage therapy certain stages of their pregnancy, there are some factors that all pregnant women should consider before taking a foot massage. These factors are necessary to ensure that the massage is safe for your health. You will also want to make sure that your baby is safe when you have the message treatment. Here are some of the things you have to note before undergoing a message treatment.

i. It is important to avoid massage during the first trimester period:
For healthy security reasons of your baby, it is important to avoid massages during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Research show that during the first trimester period, your fetus may not be having a stable health condition, and massage is not health during this period. However, after the first trimester period, your baby has a stable condition, and you can have foot massage done be professionals. It is believed that the first trimester is the crucial time for your pregnancy, and if you have to keep your pregnancy safe, you need to avoid massages during this particular period. The success of your pregnancy depends on this period but doing massages after this period is unlikely to bring is unlikely to bring any problem.

ii. Consults professional doctors advice before having any foot massage treatment
Consulting a professional doctor before having foot massage treatment is important during the pregnant period, especially if you have some healthy problems. Your doctor would access your conditions and decide whether your can massage during your pregnant period or not. Your doctors understand different problems that may result and help to give the best massage solution that would not bring any side effective to yourself as well as your baby. Explain to him all your health problems and medical history and if you have some serious health problems, they will advise you not to have any massages during your pregnancy period.

iii. Avoid massages from nonprofessional therapist
Professional message therapists have been trained on how to give effective massages to pregnant women. They have experience in massage therapy and understand all the different ways of administering massage therapy. They also know when to administer massage pregnant mothers and when to avoid it. Many high-quality services are available everywhere nowadays, and you will have a rough time reaching one of them. Their training and experience allow them to give effective massages to pregnant mothers during the right period without causing any serious health problems. Choose the most reputable massage service providers in your area and avoid those providers that you are not fully aware of.

iv. take enough water before message treatment:
It is important to have a high fluid level in your body if you want to have safe massage treatment during pregnancy. Water is essential for your daily needs as a pregnant mother. It is important to supply enough water to baby every day especially when you are about to have a massage therapy. After a massage therapy, enough water will help to replenish damaged cells. Researchers also show that water helps pregnant mothers to cool down after a message therapy.

v. Avoid deep messages on certain parts of the body.
Some areas of the body such as the feet and abdomen are delicate during pregnancy and do not allow deep pressure. Professional therapists are fully aware of all parts of the body that should not allow deep massages and most of them will avoid massaging these parts during pregnancy. However, if you find that your therapist is using too much pressure, and you are pregnant, you may remind him not to do so. Too much pressure may give too much tension to your fetus. For feet, light pressure is recommended.

vi. Massage therapy stimulates acupressure in the feet
Due to the acupressure points in the feet during pregnancy, most people think that it is unsafe for pregnant mothers to have foot messages. Acupressure points in the feet aid in bringing natural labor and need to be stimulated properly by professionals. It is not easy to stimulate them accidentally, but the points need to be stimulated bilaterally a particular manner and with very firm pressure. The discomfort that may result during this process is a clear indication that the right point is being stimulated.

vii. Avoid deep massage therapies during 3rd trimester:
A pregnant woman is about to give birth during by the first week of the trimester, and you don’t want to induce any labor before it is safe for your baby. Deep massages can result in acupressure, which induces labor. Although some women turn to acupressure when they are overdue and what to be done with the pregnancy, doing it unaware is dangerous and should be avoided. Deep messages that induce acupressure should only be done if you had planned from the beginning and knows the date that is safe to perform. This method of inducing labor should only be done after consulting a physician or midwife.


Foot message therapy by a professional therapist is enjoyable and recommended for healthy mothers after the first trimester. In most cases, pregnant mothers experience edema or swelling of the feet during the third trimester. A relaxing message can help to ease the pressure on the feet, which results from the growing belly. Following the above tips ensures that you and your child are safe during any massage therapy.

To ensure a safe feet massage therapy, you have to choose a professional message service for yourself. Seek advice from a professional doctor and inform your therapist about your condition and healthy histories. Compare the available message therapist available before choosing the best one for yourself. It is even better if you can find a massage therapist that major in massaging pregnant women. This because specialist are known to bring better results to that particular work that he majors own and working with such therapist increases your safety.