Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How Massage Therapy Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the most common health conditions experienced by people all over the world. But it cannot be bad every time. You can experience stress even while applying brakes to your car to avoid and accident, feel excited before a meeting or jumping to catch a ball thrown badly. But in any of such cases stress cannot affect you adversely instead of increasing your blood pressure and heart rate as well as diverting your energy from your immune responses and digestive system. Such techniques were used by prehistoric people to run away or fight with their enemies.

But according to various health experts stress can cause problems if it sustains for long time without any relief. According to them continuous stress can cause negative and distressing reactions which can give birth to various health problems like upset stomach, headaches, chest pain, disturbed sleep and elevated blood pressure. According to various researchers stress can worsen along with initiating the symptoms of various health problems as it causes changes in your physique and behaviour.

The behavioural changes caused by consistent stress may include anger outburst, under or over eating, alcohol or drug abuse, use of tobacco and social withdrawal etc. Anxiety, lack of focus or motivation, anger or irritability, depression or sadness and restlessness etc are some of the mood changes caused by continuous stress. Some of the changes in your body caused by the stress prevailing for long time include fatigue, chest pain, pain or tension in muscles, headaches, disturbed sleep, upset stomach and reduced sex drive.

According to various health experts massage therapy can help in improving the range of motion of the joints, relaxing the painful and tight muscles, reduce stress level and enhancing the circulation of blood in your body. It can also help in reducing the risk of various chronic diseases caused by worsening of their symptoms due to consistent stress. But while choosing a right and suitable massage therapy to reduce the level of your stress you will have to adopt Trial and Error method as they are available in different forms.

Different techniques of massage therapy
Many techniques are used to give massage therapy to reduce stress. In certain massage techniques the clients have to wear all of his/her clothes during massage session whereas in other techniques they have to cover their body with a sheet after undressing themselves completely. While administering the treatment the massage therapists use their elbows or feet along with their hands to treat the stress of their clients effectively. Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage and reflexology are some of the popular massage techniques used for this purpose, according to various health and fitness experts. In order to promote relaxation and release tensions some of the massage therapists use warm stones whereas others use various oils. You can talk to various massage therapists to know about the right massage techniques for reducing your stress.

Suggestions about different massage therapies
Stress, in fact, is not bad always. While completing an important task or trying to promote something stress can also work as a positive motivator. Stress is harmless until it is temporary like delay caused due to traffic or late arrival of flight etc. But in certain conditions stress can be chronic, according to experts. It can persist for long time while dealing with family issue, financial difficulties and chronic diseases etc. Any of these events may not necessarily cause stress to you but it can happen due to the response of your body to any of these situations. Your muscles tighten, your blood pressure rises and heart rate increases whenever any kind of stress is sensed by your brain. Any kind of stress that continues for long time can have damaging effect on your physical as well as mental health. A massage therapy helps to reduce stress by calming both, your body and mind.

Benefits of massage therapy 

General benefits: A massage therapy can help in managing the conditions that can affect your mental status like depression, anxiety and stress if it is done under the supervision of a licensed and well trained therapist. You can shift away your mind from your day-to-day worries to relax your mind and body with the help of a massage therapy. Massage also helps in controlling various chronic diseases along with making you feel that your health is under your control. Many therapists use dimly lit and quiet places or rooms whereas some use incense, candles or soft background music to relax you while giving a massage treatment.

Benefits to muscles: The muscles of your entire body get tensed up due to activation of stressful responses which get relaxed with the end of the event. These muscles will remain in tensed condition if the stress prolongs for long time. This tensed condition of muscles can cause various health problems including pains and aches in the joints, chronic pain in neck and back and headaches etc. According to various health experts a massage therapy can help in reducing the tension in your muscles. Stroke, rub, pressure and stretch are some of the techniques used by various massage therapists to help in relaxing your muscles which can consecutively reduce your pains and aches caused by stress.

Benefits to immune and digestive systems: Your body suppresses your immune and digestive system by conserving energy while responding to the stressful conditions. It increases the circulation of blood to your heart, lungs and muscles. This reaction of stress, if it persists for long time, can reduce the activity of your immune system and can increase the risk of weak immune system related diseases like colds and flu etc. The chronic stress can also cause the problems in digestion and elimination. According to various health experts a massage therapy can help in normalising the circulation of blood, improve the activity of your immune system as well as in restoring the functioning of digestive system to normal.

Thus massage therapies can reduce stress, if administered by a well trained and licensed therapist.