Sunday, 24 January 2016

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a form of art done on the human body. This is a combination of gentle hand movements over your body to produce a relaxed state of the mind, relief to the muscles and straightening of the joints. Often, when you pass by a massage parlor in Singapore, you will observe the massage therapist gently kneading the body of a relaxed person, on a massage table with a combination of towels and other tools

The primary objective of massage therapy is to let the individual achieve a relaxed state of mind for a specified period. Even if body rubs are administered and the person is not relaxed, then the massage is not effective. What you need to know is that there are several types of therapies such as medical therapy, stress relief therapy, chronic massage therapy among many others. All these types of treatments go a long way to ensure that a client has achieved body relaxation.

However, over and above relaxation, massage therapy has many other benefits that clients are set to enjoy. So, below are some of the benefits that can be derived from massage therapy:

Improves posture
Do you have a straight back? Well, a back that hunches forward looks not only incredibly bad but also causes a whole lot of problems as it weakens your muscles. Understandably, some job activities cause you to bend and hunch in all the wrong positions. In the process, you press on the internal organs causing problems with digestion and breathing. Luckily, posture problems can be corrected quickly with a massage. It will get your backbone right on track through reinforcement of natural and healthy movements. Regular massage helps relax the joints, loosen the muscles and relieve the pressure points.

Relieves stress
Stress is observed by a change in your normal behavior and is characterized by anxiety, lack of focus or motivation, sadness, anger, irritability, and depression. It is thought that low-stress levels are not particularly harmful. The problem arises when you stay stressed for too long or let stress wear you down. Massage therapy can help combat stress by lowering blood pressure and the heart rate. It also relaxes the muscles and boosts the production of endorphins, hormones responsible for the “good feeling”. By adding massage therapy to your routine, you will achieve a fresh look and be healthier into the future.

Encourages relaxation
You can tell that your body is not relaxed if you are experiencing headaches, sleeplessness, and digestive problems. Lack of relaxation is caused by an increase in cortisone, which is a stress hormone. Some occurrences such as getting stuck in traffic when you need to get to work, a meeting or a deadline, is one example how the body builds up stress. Massage lets the body switch to rest and recovery mode which lingers in the body for long even after the massage is over. Besides encouraging relaxation, massage is said to increase energy, reduce pain and improve mental and physical performance. If you are looking to improve your mental outlook, re-enforce a positive attitude, or enhance creative thinking, then you have to give massage therapy a try.

Improves the circulation of blood
Health experts suggest that the benefits of a massage go beyond just the skin and the muscles. Blood circulation improves from regular sessions of massage. Poor blood circulation causes a broad range of discomforts such as accumulation of fluids in the hands, toes, and the feet. Consequently, the person experiences fatigue and aching of the body parts that arises from the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. When a masseuse kneads your body, relaxation occurs, and blood starts to move in and out of these congested areas. Accumulation of lymph fluids is harmful because they carry metabolic wastes from the body. However, once it is expelled from the body, you experience improved function and enhance blood flow within the vessels.

Lowers blood pressure
Commonly known as the silent killer, hypertension is a severe medical condition that has no symptoms. Further, it affects an entire population including men, women and children. One of the surest ways of keeping blood pressure at bay is by undergoing regular sessions of massage. The systolic and diastolic blood pressure reduces along with the urinary and salivary hormone levels. What you need to know that keeping blood pressure at the required levels prevents you from a stroke, heart attack or a kidney failure.

Improves flexibility
Compared to the people of the previous generation, muscle injuries are more frequent today than they were several years back. Why? This is because we lead sedentary lifestyles. The joints tend to harden naturally as we age restricting motion and flexibility. To maintain flexibility and ease of movement, it is highly advisable that you go for a massage treatment. A session of therapy can help make the joints less injury prone and the muscles more fluid by working the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Soreness is often experienced after a workout. You can beat this by incorporating massages after your workout. There is no better feeling than to relax over a massage after a tough session of exercise.

Relieves tension headaches
Statistics have pointed out that 60% of the world populations suffer from regular migraines. It is thought that the cause of such chronic headaches is stress and lack of sleep. Massage therapy helps to prevent headaches as the body is always relaxed even during the tough times. Optimal relaxation kills muscle spasms and trigger points that cause migraines. Additionally, the mere act of attending a massage session is beneficial and naturally soothes the headaches. By increasing the level of serotonin in the blood, massage recipients are set to enjoy improved mood, appetite, and sleep.

To sum it up, there is no denying the power of massage therapy. This powerful ally to the health regimen is practically your solution as it is rejuvenating and therapeutic. Whereas others seek massage services as a luxurious treat, others view it as a pain relief and management technique for their bodies. Regardless of how you would want to view or call it, massage therapy can do you much more than just the feel of the pleasure of touch. Going for regular treatment is even better. With each passing year, how you age or remain youthful is largely determined by how you keep your body relaxed or tensed up. Budget your time and money and set your body free through the wellness plan that is massage therapy.