Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Different Types Of Massages

Various technics can be used to manipulate our deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to experience a feeling of calmness, promote physical well-being and feelings of complete relaxation. Massage can also aid the healing process and decrease muscle reflex activity. We directly associate the idea of having a massage with relaxation and having a little downtime, however, there are so many different treatments out there meaning the massage and beauty treatment market is a very competitive one.

Let's start with the dry flotation experience, which does possess the power to send you into a relaxed feeling of weightlessness. This luxury treatment consists of dry skin brushing, and you are then cocooned in a warm, water blanket. This sends the recipient of the treatment into a state of total relaxation. A treatment wrap follows. When it comes to massage techniques that help you to relax, this is perfect.

The Swedish massage
The Swedish massage is a more traditional but very popular massage that is again good for the aid of relaxation and winding down, particularly when someone is or has been in pain. This technique uses five different types of strokes to sooth the body. The five basic strokes are effleurage which means to slide or glide, petrissage for kneading the body, tapotement which is a form a rhythmic tapping, cross fiber friction and shaking and or vibration. The Swedish massage is also often referred to as the classic massage, as very basic, but very effective tricks and techniques are employed to ease pain and, loosen joints and soothe the body. This classic massage is a great one to have in any salon. It may appear rather basic but fantastic techniques that genuinely work are used, and you can't go wrong with it, and it can be a real pain curer.

Swedish massage is the most common type of therapy available in the United States. This technique consists of long smooth strokes as well as circular kneading. This is a gentle, relaxing type of massage that is good for anyone. If you've never had one before, this is a great one to start with.

Authentic Thai massages
Authentic Thai massages are also very popular these days, particularly with celebrities. Full body aromatherapy massages and treatments are particularly pleasant and are associated with the power to heal and cleanse. Different salons and masseurs often blend their mix of essential oils and combine with gentle massage techniques to induce feelings of relaxations, calmness, and happiness.

There are many different types of techniques and treatments out there for everyone to try. These are just some of the best and most popular. Based upon research, the price margin for these types of treatment seems to stay largely the same at a wide variety of places; however, the price often escalates dramatically when combined with other smaller treatments. There's also a huge combination of different treatments for people to try and the choice appears endless.

Massage therapy has become very popular for relaxation and health reasons. This therapy can help relieve stress, ease pain, improve circulation, and help remove toxins from the body. Not all techniques are the same, though. Each type of this therapy can give a different experience.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage targets the deeper tissues and muscles. These technique strokes are stronger and firmer, often against the grain of the muscle, to reduce tightness. This particular style can be slightly painful at times and can leave some soreness for a day or two. This type is often used in treating injuries and for athletes and those with chronic muscle tightness.

Shiatsu is Japanese in origin. It is a type of bodywork that treats pressure points and energy flow similar to the way acupuncture works. Shiatsu uses finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on specific points to help release energy blocks and balance the body's energies. It doesn't require lotions or oil and can be performed fully clothed.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage uses hot or warm stones placed on the body to help loosen tight muscles. This type of bodywork is often used in conjunction with other techniques, the hot stones helping to loosen the muscles to make the body work more effective.

But before you give a massage you need to know two things. How do you make your client comfortable? And how do you massage the right way? The number one thing is to make sure that the room is at the right temperature. Also you want to make sure that you a massage table to make the massage more pleasurable. Or have a deep blanket on the floor and have two pillows, one for under the chin and one for the legs.

As for the techniques, make sure you find a book or someone that already know how to do the type of massage you want to know. Or just read on to find out some of the ways to give a good massage. Here are just a few of the many different techniques.

The first of the Swedish technique is effleurage. Long strokes that are flowing toward the heart to help with circulation. Next is compression, and it is what it sounds like. Pushing the muscle down a little or to the bone. Petrissage is that is a C-shaped stroke that takes two hands to do, and it pulls the muscle from the bone.

There is also on that is called friction that is quick movements without lotion. You have to create heat between your hands and helps get circulation in the skin. The next technique is vibration is a fast movement to enhance circulation or to flush out interstitial fluid.

Also there a few of techniques that are the essential message. Fan stroking is one of the first of the basic massages. Hands down on the side of the body and slide up with a straight back. Slowly fan your fingers out to the side a release. Then glide them down the sides and pull back to the original position. The next one is circular stroking is when you use both hands on one side, and one hand completes a full circle and the other is making a half circle.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Swedish Massage VS Reflexology

For generations massages of various types and methods have been used for treating various health and other related issues. They have help treat physical, physiological and mental problems. It would not be wrong to state that they are times tested and have been able to give new lives to thousands of people over the past many decades. There are many types of massages ranging from Thai massages to Indian massages, from Indian massages to Chinese massages and so on. In this particular article we will have a closer look at the basic difference between Swedish massage and Reflexology. However, before finding out the difference between the same, it is important for us to have basic understand between the same. Hence let us get started having some basic and primary knowledge between Swedish Massage and Reflexology.

What Is Swedish Massage

This is a type of massage where the main objective is to find out ways and means by which the entire body is relaxed. It basically involves rubbing of muscles and mostly it is about using well trained and mastered gliding strokes. Strokes are in the direction in which the blood is being returned to heart by the body. In other words, when we talk about Swedish Massage we are looking at a massage system where the strokes are directed in the way the veins move blood to the heart. It helps a lot in increasing the level of oxygen supply to the blood. It also is extremely beneficial for reducing toxins in the muscles and improving flexibility and circulation and also could help a lot in reducing tension. It also could play a big role in reducing the stress inducing hormone called cortisol.

Benefits And How It Is Done
There are also studies to prove that with regular Swedish massage is also is possible to improve the immunity of the body by increasing the number of lymphocytes. There are many types of massage techniques in Sweden such as tapping using percussion like methods, kneading, applying pressure using palms and hands, stretching and bending. It is also possible to customize this type of massage keeping in mind specific needs and requirements of the customers.

What Is Reflexology

Now coming to the topic of Reflexology this is about a therapeutic method where the objective is to stimulate specific points of the body. This could be a part of the overall reflexology map, covering hands, face, feet and other parts of the body. It is believed that these points of pressure have a direct connection to the nervous system. Hence they play a role in impacting and affecting the various parts of the body, glands and various vital and not so vital organs. The kind of impact that the various points have would depend on the manipulation as far as these reflex points are concerned. The pressure could be in various types ranging from moving pressure to static pressure, circular movements and other such methods. The main objective of reflexology is to try and give stimulation to those various points. Hence there is no doubt that there are some basic differences between the two and understanding a few of them could be interesting and helpful in finding out the main objective of both.

Basic Differences
When we look at the differences between the two there are a few things which come to our mind. When we talk about Swedish massage we are basically talking about muscle manipulation. On the other hand when we talk about reflexology we are talking about the stimulating of certain reflex points and it could be any part of the body, though ideally it is in the hand, feet, face and certain other parts of the body. However, both these techniques and therapies are known to provide the best of relaxation. It is but possible that massage could have a wider and broader spectrum of various techniques. On the other hand when we talk about reflexology we need to keep in mind the chosen reflexive points and the same have the detected correctly so that the therapy can work properly and deliver the desired results on the ground.

A Few More Thoughts About Reflexology
Since there is kneading, pressing and other such techniques involved in Swedish massage it may not find favor with many people because it could be painful and uncomfortable at time. However when it comes to removing toxins completely from the body there is hardly any doubt that gong in for this method of treatment would always be a better option.

On the other hand we mention reflexology it uses a press-hold-release method. This is often referred to the walk of the caterpillar. This is because the movements are extremely minute and precise to the maximum extent possible. Further the pressure is possible to be adjusted and can range from firms to light. But this may not be always possible as far as Swedish massaging is concerned. There could be many customers who could find benefit from a single touch which could be very light. On the other hand there could be others who might start feeling some difference only when the pressure is hard and continuous for a reasonable period of time. This will give them immediate results from pain which could be in some other part of the body. This is because that particular reflexive point is directly connected to the area where the pain is bit on the higher side. Some areas of the foot are also given these and touch and release pressure in reflexology and this could also have a big impact on the spine relate problems.

Both Perhaps Are The Different Sides Of The Same Coin
At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that both these forms of massages and reflexive technologies have their own pros and cons, According to many they are both are the same sides of the same coin and the onus should be left to the customers to choose the one which they feel suits their specific needs and requirements. While massage works on improving blood circulation, reflexology might perhaps help in removing certain medical and physical conditions without the need for medications.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

What Makes An Excellent Massage Therapist?

A good massage helps you get rid of pains, eases stress, and energizes your senses. If you really want to enjoy all these benefits, it is very important to find a great massage therapist. Just because someone has a license, it does not make him/her a good therapist. To help you find the best, we shall now discuss some qualities that excellent massage therapists must possess.

1. Great Manners
It is very important that the therapist must have good manners and can make you comfortable in the massage room. They should have great communication skills, should help the client know everything that would be involved in the massage therapy, should listen to any concerns the clients have, and should also answer all questions. If the therapist you are considering is not polite, does not listen to you, is arrogant, and just wants to begin and end the session, he/she likely will not give you the kind of experience you are looking for.

2. Perfect Communication Skills
Communications skills have a very important role to play here, more than you can imagine. Your therapist needs to listen well and also know how to communicate. Both the massage therapist and the client should be aware of the expectations from the massage. This will help create a good rapport between both and ensure the session turns out as is desired.

For instance, the therapist should know what are the problems that the clients wants to be addressed, how much pressure he/she will be able to tolerate, if there are any areas that need to be avoided, and if the client has any medical history that may cause any concern during the massage.

The therapist should tell his/her client exactly what would happen during the massage session. The clients should know if any private area (like pectorals in the chest or glutes in the buttock) would be touched, and if the pressure used during the therapy will need to be a little uncomfortable so that the goal is reached. They also need to inform how the client will have to be dressed or undressed for the procedure, and if the client will need to move at all during the therapy. You certainly would not want to go to someone who does not inform you about the procedure, and suddenly starts touching you a certain way, without warning.

3. Proper Knowledge of Human Physiology and Anatomy
Therapists do not attend courses just to know how to give a good massage, as they also need to learn why they are massaging the area concerned and what kind of effect the massage will produce.

For instance, as most massages involve muscular tissues, it is important for the therapist to know where the muscle is located, where it starts and ends, what is the muscle fibers’ direction, and so on. Not only is this type of information important for a therapist to become a good therapist, but it also makes the difference between just a rub-down and an amazing massage. You may even ask the therapist certain questions just to see if he/she has all essential information and you are in safe hands.

4. The “Magical Touch”
Well, of course, if you are going for a massage, you expect that magical touch that will rid your pain, give you relief, and help you relax. A good therapist should understand your needs without you needing to point to the particular area precisely. For instance, if someone says that he/she is having a tight shoulder and neck, the therapist should know where exactly to begin from, and should be able to handle the problem easily.

In fact, a great therapist should also be able to find those problems that the client does not even know existed. The therapist should always work on their client in a way to meet their demands and even offer more. If he/she does not work the way the client desires and instead does things the way they find suitable, this certainly is not a sign of the best massage therapists.

5. Great Love for their Job

It is not at all difficult to determine if a person likes their work or no. You can make out if the person is enjoying doing his/her job or is just working to earn money. Someone who is happy and loves his/her job will always have a smile while performing tasks and their face turns bright even when someone mentions about their work. They are passionate, and this passion helps them offer the best services. Would you want a therapist who is massaging you just for the sake of it or someone who is passionate about massaging, and will do his/her job perfectly?

6. Confidence

There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance makes a person conceited, as they have a high opinion of their abilities or qualities, even if it is not satisfactory. Confidence is reflected when a person believes in their abilities. You would not want an arrogant therapist who might not be doing things perfectly, yet believes he/she is the best, but a therapist who has experience, knows his/her job well, and offers you perfect service.

7. Cleanliness
Cleanliness is important in every profession, and this is something massage therapists too should give importance to. Cleanliness means maintenance of good hygiene. The massage room should be clean, well organized, and hygienic. You would not want to enter a room with papers here and there, the massage bed and sheets not clean, and the ambiance is not soothing for a massage.

At the same time, personal hygiene of the therapist is equally important. You certainly would not a therapist with bad breath giving you a massage. Therapists who smoke between shift breaks might not realize that they smell, but this is something you certainly will notice. This smell can be a big turn off.

When you imagine a massage room, you think of clean bed and sheets, aromatherapy candles lit, soothing music and just enough light. This is exactly what the massage room should actually be like, and a good therapist should always maintain his/her room this way.

You can begin your search for the best massage therapists in your area by searching the internet, or if anyone you know of has opted for a massage recently, you may even take suggestions from them. However, before scheduling an appointment, you should visit the therapist’s office, check the massage room, ask all important question, and if all seems okay, decide the day and get ready to be rejuvenated.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Can Pregnant Woman Have Foot Massage?

Most pregnant mothers believe that massage can improve their overall health, and most of them want to have a message session sometimes. Although it is healthy for pregnant mothers to undergo a foot massage therapy certain stages of their pregnancy, there are some factors that all pregnant women should consider before taking a foot massage. These factors are necessary to ensure that the massage is safe for your health. You will also want to make sure that your baby is safe when you have the message treatment. Here are some of the things you have to note before undergoing a message treatment.

i. It is important to avoid massage during the first trimester period:
For healthy security reasons of your baby, it is important to avoid massages during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Research show that during the first trimester period, your fetus may not be having a stable health condition, and massage is not health during this period. However, after the first trimester period, your baby has a stable condition, and you can have foot massage done be professionals. It is believed that the first trimester is the crucial time for your pregnancy, and if you have to keep your pregnancy safe, you need to avoid massages during this particular period. The success of your pregnancy depends on this period but doing massages after this period is unlikely to bring is unlikely to bring any problem.

ii. Consults professional doctors advice before having any foot massage treatment
Consulting a professional doctor before having foot massage treatment is important during the pregnant period, especially if you have some healthy problems. Your doctor would access your conditions and decide whether your can massage during your pregnant period or not. Your doctors understand different problems that may result and help to give the best massage solution that would not bring any side effective to yourself as well as your baby. Explain to him all your health problems and medical history and if you have some serious health problems, they will advise you not to have any massages during your pregnancy period.

iii. Avoid massages from nonprofessional therapist
Professional message therapists have been trained on how to give effective massages to pregnant women. They have experience in massage therapy and understand all the different ways of administering massage therapy. They also know when to administer massage pregnant mothers and when to avoid it. Many high-quality services are available everywhere nowadays, and you will have a rough time reaching one of them. Their training and experience allow them to give effective massages to pregnant mothers during the right period without causing any serious health problems. Choose the most reputable massage service providers in your area and avoid those providers that you are not fully aware of.

iv. take enough water before message treatment:
It is important to have a high fluid level in your body if you want to have safe massage treatment during pregnancy. Water is essential for your daily needs as a pregnant mother. It is important to supply enough water to baby every day especially when you are about to have a massage therapy. After a massage therapy, enough water will help to replenish damaged cells. Researchers also show that water helps pregnant mothers to cool down after a message therapy.

v. Avoid deep messages on certain parts of the body.
Some areas of the body such as the feet and abdomen are delicate during pregnancy and do not allow deep pressure. Professional therapists are fully aware of all parts of the body that should not allow deep massages and most of them will avoid massaging these parts during pregnancy. However, if you find that your therapist is using too much pressure, and you are pregnant, you may remind him not to do so. Too much pressure may give too much tension to your fetus. For feet, light pressure is recommended.

vi. Massage therapy stimulates acupressure in the feet
Due to the acupressure points in the feet during pregnancy, most people think that it is unsafe for pregnant mothers to have foot messages. Acupressure points in the feet aid in bringing natural labor and need to be stimulated properly by professionals. It is not easy to stimulate them accidentally, but the points need to be stimulated bilaterally a particular manner and with very firm pressure. The discomfort that may result during this process is a clear indication that the right point is being stimulated.

vii. Avoid deep massage therapies during 3rd trimester:
A pregnant woman is about to give birth during by the first week of the trimester, and you don’t want to induce any labor before it is safe for your baby. Deep massages can result in acupressure, which induces labor. Although some women turn to acupressure when they are overdue and what to be done with the pregnancy, doing it unaware is dangerous and should be avoided. Deep messages that induce acupressure should only be done if you had planned from the beginning and knows the date that is safe to perform. This method of inducing labor should only be done after consulting a physician or midwife.


Foot message therapy by a professional therapist is enjoyable and recommended for healthy mothers after the first trimester. In most cases, pregnant mothers experience edema or swelling of the feet during the third trimester. A relaxing message can help to ease the pressure on the feet, which results from the growing belly. Following the above tips ensures that you and your child are safe during any massage therapy.

To ensure a safe feet massage therapy, you have to choose a professional message service for yourself. Seek advice from a professional doctor and inform your therapist about your condition and healthy histories. Compare the available message therapist available before choosing the best one for yourself. It is even better if you can find a massage therapist that major in massaging pregnant women. This because specialist are known to bring better results to that particular work that he majors own and working with such therapist increases your safety.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What Is Sports Massage And How Can It Benefit You?

After a day's hard work, your muscles can get wound up and tighten considerably. With the help of regular sports massage, these tired, "sticking" spots can loosen up, allowing you to get back on sports and other day-to-day activities you have for the week. The question is- what exactly is a sports massage, and how is it different from other types of massage?

A sports massage isn't quite the same as a regular spa, or a deep tissue massage, though they essentially do the same. More specifically, a sports massage can make use of deep tissue techniques in line with some basic massage techniques. Sports massage is a complete massage system that builds upon the most important basic techniques in massage, enhanced with advanced deep tissue techniques and some other holistic ones. It should also be a worthy note that these techniques are required to restore the smooth functions of your bodies' muscle complex.

Muscles and Performance
The muscle's tightness and amount of strain is significant for performance athletes on a wide range of sports. Consider the cyclist- whenever their quads and ITB tighten up, they experience excruciating pain and their cycling cadence degrades. If left unchecked, their knee may develop some permanent problems over time. Runners and tight hamstrings are a bad combination- the shorter the stride, the lower the performance. Swimmers and tight shoulders also lose out on stroke with swimmers on the same level.

It can't be helped. Our muscles are constantly tensing and relaxing as we train, along with the joints, tendons and ligaments. The constant stress puts our body at a greater risk to injury and a lower performance. All athletes can experience emotional, mental and physical stress just before a major sports event. Training your muscle to its utmost limit may produce excellent results, but you also risk a build up of lactate in your blood, increase fatigue and overall muscle tension, which isn't good.

The best performing muscles are the ones that are relaxed, on their optimal length, and well-rested. This is the state where your muscles produce their best work. Tense and tight muscles are uncooperative and fight for space with other muscles moving in the opposite direction.

Strokes and Techniques
Sports massage is entirely based on an athlete's anatomy in order to release the "knots", or trigger points in tight muscles, DOMS, or muscle soreness, prevention of injury and enable a faster muscle recovery. Sports massage is great for the following muscle problems:

- Fasciitis Plantaris
- Shin Pain
- Golfer's Elbow
- Tennis Elbow
- ITB Pain

Muscle Strains and Muscle Pain
Sports massage utilizes a range of modalities such as deep tissue work, cross-fiber techniques, trigger point therapy and remedial massages. There are around 5 classic Swedish massage techniques that make up the sports massage- jostling/vibration, tapotement, friction, petrissage and effleurage. These classic strokes are modified to target more specific muscles, but are used in classical sequence (petrissage before friction, etc etc.), and incorporated with other basic massage techniques.

Trigger Point Therapy
A type of deep tissue massage where the tender, painful knots or the nodules in the muscles are targeted. These knots can affect the surrounding muscles within their area, causing pain and discomfort. Direct pressure is applied until the trigger points soften and the knots are unraveled. Trigger Point Therapy is beneficial for those who are suffering from chronic pain, and those who are experiencing a restriction in their muscles' range of motion caused by stiff and short muscles.

Remedial Therapy
"Remedy" is the keyword for this kind of therapy. The skilled modality's function is to find a remedy, no matter the massage technique. Any or all massage modalities are used to treat imbalances, dysfunctions in any tissue in the body.

Myofascial Release Therapy
"Myo" means muscle tissue, while "Fascia" refers to the connective tissues in the body. As anatomists might say, the human body is connected by all sorts of connective tissue, acting as a skeleton of packed, woven muscles, much like a spider web. The connective tissues holds our bodies together and keeps it that way. Myosfascial Release Therapy was created to alleviate deep-seated tension and stress in the fascia, allowing for a greater movement and muscle freedom when used.

Sports Massage Benefits
Sports massage can also be thought of as a subset of physiotherapy. The benefits that it can bring you are many, including:

-Increases the awareness of the body through healing touch. Sports massage will reveal the exact spot of soreness or tightness in the body.

-Lengthens our muscles, allowing for a greater range of mobility, elasticity and flexibility. A more relaxed muscle is less prone to sports-related or strenuous physical activity.

-Aids in muscle healing and recovery. There's a less likely chance of strains, ruptures or micro-trauma tearing happening as when the muscles are tired and wound too tight.

-Brings back a healthy flow of blood throughout our system. Life-giving blood flows to the lymph and interstitial fluids and the heart, making the organs function better than before. Lactic acid buildup is released in the best way possible, and you get an optimized flow of both blood and oxygen to deliver needed nutrients to tissues, cells and muscles.

-Keeps optimal performance in athletes. Those who engage in regular sports massage will be able to run faster, leap higher and swim better.

-Improves muscle tone and overall flexibility. The soft tissues are stimulated, thereby reducing muscle pain and cramping, alleviating trigger points and muscle spasms.

-Loosens the adhesions and local swelling between muscles, minimizing the occurrence of chronic scar tissue.

-Massage therapy reduces mental stress and enhances our capacity for clear thinking and creativity.

-Provides a healthy dose of feel-good endorphins, which acts as our body's natural painkiller.

Sports massage is the answer for active individuals who often partake in strenuous physical activities, whether you are an elite sportsman or playing just for fun. Sports massage is widely available and is non-restrictive, meaning anyone can experience it, even non-athletes! Sports massage is most effective when used in conjunction before or after athletic events. It can bring in a much-needed boost in performance before the event, or provide a means to restore the athlete's performance when used after. People who are looking to enhance their overall well-being or wish to cure their soft tissue chronic pain can also avail of a sports massage. The physiotherapists will be able to tell you which particular muscle is behaving, and how to make fine adjustments to improve your lifestyle.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How Massage Therapy Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the most common health conditions experienced by people all over the world. But it cannot be bad every time. You can experience stress even while applying brakes to your car to avoid and accident, feel excited before a meeting or jumping to catch a ball thrown badly. But in any of such cases stress cannot affect you adversely instead of increasing your blood pressure and heart rate as well as diverting your energy from your immune responses and digestive system. Such techniques were used by prehistoric people to run away or fight with their enemies.

But according to various health experts stress can cause problems if it sustains for long time without any relief. According to them continuous stress can cause negative and distressing reactions which can give birth to various health problems like upset stomach, headaches, chest pain, disturbed sleep and elevated blood pressure. According to various researchers stress can worsen along with initiating the symptoms of various health problems as it causes changes in your physique and behaviour.

The behavioural changes caused by consistent stress may include anger outburst, under or over eating, alcohol or drug abuse, use of tobacco and social withdrawal etc. Anxiety, lack of focus or motivation, anger or irritability, depression or sadness and restlessness etc are some of the mood changes caused by continuous stress. Some of the changes in your body caused by the stress prevailing for long time include fatigue, chest pain, pain or tension in muscles, headaches, disturbed sleep, upset stomach and reduced sex drive.

According to various health experts massage therapy can help in improving the range of motion of the joints, relaxing the painful and tight muscles, reduce stress level and enhancing the circulation of blood in your body. It can also help in reducing the risk of various chronic diseases caused by worsening of their symptoms due to consistent stress. But while choosing a right and suitable massage therapy to reduce the level of your stress you will have to adopt Trial and Error method as they are available in different forms.

Different techniques of massage therapy
Many techniques are used to give massage therapy to reduce stress. In certain massage techniques the clients have to wear all of his/her clothes during massage session whereas in other techniques they have to cover their body with a sheet after undressing themselves completely. While administering the treatment the massage therapists use their elbows or feet along with their hands to treat the stress of their clients effectively. Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage and reflexology are some of the popular massage techniques used for this purpose, according to various health and fitness experts. In order to promote relaxation and release tensions some of the massage therapists use warm stones whereas others use various oils. You can talk to various massage therapists to know about the right massage techniques for reducing your stress.

Suggestions about different massage therapies
Stress, in fact, is not bad always. While completing an important task or trying to promote something stress can also work as a positive motivator. Stress is harmless until it is temporary like delay caused due to traffic or late arrival of flight etc. But in certain conditions stress can be chronic, according to experts. It can persist for long time while dealing with family issue, financial difficulties and chronic diseases etc. Any of these events may not necessarily cause stress to you but it can happen due to the response of your body to any of these situations. Your muscles tighten, your blood pressure rises and heart rate increases whenever any kind of stress is sensed by your brain. Any kind of stress that continues for long time can have damaging effect on your physical as well as mental health. A massage therapy helps to reduce stress by calming both, your body and mind.

Benefits of massage therapy 

General benefits: A massage therapy can help in managing the conditions that can affect your mental status like depression, anxiety and stress if it is done under the supervision of a licensed and well trained therapist. You can shift away your mind from your day-to-day worries to relax your mind and body with the help of a massage therapy. Massage also helps in controlling various chronic diseases along with making you feel that your health is under your control. Many therapists use dimly lit and quiet places or rooms whereas some use incense, candles or soft background music to relax you while giving a massage treatment.

Benefits to muscles: The muscles of your entire body get tensed up due to activation of stressful responses which get relaxed with the end of the event. These muscles will remain in tensed condition if the stress prolongs for long time. This tensed condition of muscles can cause various health problems including pains and aches in the joints, chronic pain in neck and back and headaches etc. According to various health experts a massage therapy can help in reducing the tension in your muscles. Stroke, rub, pressure and stretch are some of the techniques used by various massage therapists to help in relaxing your muscles which can consecutively reduce your pains and aches caused by stress.

Benefits to immune and digestive systems: Your body suppresses your immune and digestive system by conserving energy while responding to the stressful conditions. It increases the circulation of blood to your heart, lungs and muscles. This reaction of stress, if it persists for long time, can reduce the activity of your immune system and can increase the risk of weak immune system related diseases like colds and flu etc. The chronic stress can also cause the problems in digestion and elimination. According to various health experts a massage therapy can help in normalising the circulation of blood, improve the activity of your immune system as well as in restoring the functioning of digestive system to normal.

Thus massage therapies can reduce stress, if administered by a well trained and licensed therapist.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a form of art done on the human body. This is a combination of gentle hand movements over your body to produce a relaxed state of the mind, relief to the muscles and straightening of the joints. Often, when you pass by a massage parlor in Singapore, you will observe the massage therapist gently kneading the body of a relaxed person, on a massage table with a combination of towels and other tools

The primary objective of massage therapy is to let the individual achieve a relaxed state of mind for a specified period. Even if body rubs are administered and the person is not relaxed, then the massage is not effective. What you need to know is that there are several types of therapies such as medical therapy, stress relief therapy, chronic massage therapy among many others. All these types of treatments go a long way to ensure that a client has achieved body relaxation.

However, over and above relaxation, massage therapy has many other benefits that clients are set to enjoy. So, below are some of the benefits that can be derived from massage therapy:

Improves posture
Do you have a straight back? Well, a back that hunches forward looks not only incredibly bad but also causes a whole lot of problems as it weakens your muscles. Understandably, some job activities cause you to bend and hunch in all the wrong positions. In the process, you press on the internal organs causing problems with digestion and breathing. Luckily, posture problems can be corrected quickly with a massage. It will get your backbone right on track through reinforcement of natural and healthy movements. Regular massage helps relax the joints, loosen the muscles and relieve the pressure points.

Relieves stress
Stress is observed by a change in your normal behavior and is characterized by anxiety, lack of focus or motivation, sadness, anger, irritability, and depression. It is thought that low-stress levels are not particularly harmful. The problem arises when you stay stressed for too long or let stress wear you down. Massage therapy can help combat stress by lowering blood pressure and the heart rate. It also relaxes the muscles and boosts the production of endorphins, hormones responsible for the “good feeling”. By adding massage therapy to your routine, you will achieve a fresh look and be healthier into the future.

Encourages relaxation
You can tell that your body is not relaxed if you are experiencing headaches, sleeplessness, and digestive problems. Lack of relaxation is caused by an increase in cortisone, which is a stress hormone. Some occurrences such as getting stuck in traffic when you need to get to work, a meeting or a deadline, is one example how the body builds up stress. Massage lets the body switch to rest and recovery mode which lingers in the body for long even after the massage is over. Besides encouraging relaxation, massage is said to increase energy, reduce pain and improve mental and physical performance. If you are looking to improve your mental outlook, re-enforce a positive attitude, or enhance creative thinking, then you have to give massage therapy a try.

Improves the circulation of blood
Health experts suggest that the benefits of a massage go beyond just the skin and the muscles. Blood circulation improves from regular sessions of massage. Poor blood circulation causes a broad range of discomforts such as accumulation of fluids in the hands, toes, and the feet. Consequently, the person experiences fatigue and aching of the body parts that arises from the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. When a masseuse kneads your body, relaxation occurs, and blood starts to move in and out of these congested areas. Accumulation of lymph fluids is harmful because they carry metabolic wastes from the body. However, once it is expelled from the body, you experience improved function and enhance blood flow within the vessels.

Lowers blood pressure
Commonly known as the silent killer, hypertension is a severe medical condition that has no symptoms. Further, it affects an entire population including men, women and children. One of the surest ways of keeping blood pressure at bay is by undergoing regular sessions of massage. The systolic and diastolic blood pressure reduces along with the urinary and salivary hormone levels. What you need to know that keeping blood pressure at the required levels prevents you from a stroke, heart attack or a kidney failure.

Improves flexibility
Compared to the people of the previous generation, muscle injuries are more frequent today than they were several years back. Why? This is because we lead sedentary lifestyles. The joints tend to harden naturally as we age restricting motion and flexibility. To maintain flexibility and ease of movement, it is highly advisable that you go for a massage treatment. A session of therapy can help make the joints less injury prone and the muscles more fluid by working the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Soreness is often experienced after a workout. You can beat this by incorporating massages after your workout. There is no better feeling than to relax over a massage after a tough session of exercise.

Relieves tension headaches
Statistics have pointed out that 60% of the world populations suffer from regular migraines. It is thought that the cause of such chronic headaches is stress and lack of sleep. Massage therapy helps to prevent headaches as the body is always relaxed even during the tough times. Optimal relaxation kills muscle spasms and trigger points that cause migraines. Additionally, the mere act of attending a massage session is beneficial and naturally soothes the headaches. By increasing the level of serotonin in the blood, massage recipients are set to enjoy improved mood, appetite, and sleep.

To sum it up, there is no denying the power of massage therapy. This powerful ally to the health regimen is practically your solution as it is rejuvenating and therapeutic. Whereas others seek massage services as a luxurious treat, others view it as a pain relief and management technique for their bodies. Regardless of how you would want to view or call it, massage therapy can do you much more than just the feel of the pleasure of touch. Going for regular treatment is even better. With each passing year, how you age or remain youthful is largely determined by how you keep your body relaxed or tensed up. Budget your time and money and set your body free through the wellness plan that is massage therapy.