Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pros & Cons On Sports Massage

There are many types of massages and the sports massage is one of them. This is a type of massage that has proven to be overly effective and worth trying. This is not just a common type of massage. Rather, the sports massage is a special type of therapy that is offered to the sports persons. Technically, it is a form of massage that is aimed at the people that are actively involved in sports activities. The main aim of this type of massage is to prevent the sports person from tearing their tissues. They also help to treat the injuries that the person has endured.

The sports massage helps to maintain your body and sustain its good condition. This type of massage helps to limit the loss of mobility. It will also restore the mobility of the injured tissues. In general, it will boost the performance of the athlete. This will allow that person to engage in the sport for many years. That means that sports massage will extend the life span of the sports person.

That said, there are more benefits that you can enjoy when you rely on the sports massage. Conversely, there are some risks that are involved with this type of massage. Here is a look at the pros and the cons of the sports massage services;

The Good

Generally, this type of massage service is meant to boost your overall performance in the sports activities. Other than that, here is a look at the common benefits of this type of massage;

• Enhances the pumping of the blood

When the massage is carried out, the masseuse will perform some stroking movements on your body. As the stroking movements are carried out, the fluids that are in the blood vessels are pushed and any blockages are removed. The lymph vessels and blood vessels are left clean without the any barriers. This will increase the pressure at the tip of the hands and a vacuum will be created behind the stroke. As a result, there will be a free flow of the fluids around the vessels. When the fluids flow freely, the heart will be able to pump better. In turn, the athlete will have more endurance during their activities.

• Enhances the permeability of the tissues

This type of massage also helps to open up the pores in the tissue membranes. This will enable the fluids and other nutrients to flow freely. As a result, the waste products like lactic acid will be eliminated through the pores. Usually, most of the athletes will feel exhausted due to a buildup of the lactic acid in the muscle tissues. That is why your muscles will hurt when you stay long without exercising. This can also happen when you work extensively without resting. When there is free flow of fluid through the pores, there will be a perfect exchange of nutrients and oxygen. This will help the athlete to have a quicker recovery.

• Allows for easier tissue stretch

The sports massage also helps to stretch the tissues that might not stretch in the normal way. During the therapy, a set of muscle fibers will be stretched vertically and horizontally. This will allow the muscles to stretch in all the directions. The massage will also help to stretch the fascia or sheath that surrounds the muscles. This will reduce the buildup of pressure and tension.

• It helps to break down the scar tissue

Generally, a scar tissue is formed as a result of the previous trauma and tissues. This can then affect the tendons, ligaments and the muscles. In the long run, this can lead to tissues that are inflexible and they will be susceptible to pain and injury.

• Enhances the elasticity of the tissues

When you train hard, the tissues can become hard and they may also be inelastic. When this happens, you may not improve on your training. This is why excessive training will not bear reliable results. The massage can help to reverse the exhaustion by stretching the inelastic tissues.

• Promotes the micro-circulation

The sports massage will not enhance the flow of blood to the tissues. In the same way, exercise will not do the same. Rather, the massage will dilate or open the blood vessels. This is done by stretching the vessels and allow the nutrients to flow easily. For that, you might want to rely on these services for the sake of enhancing the free circulation of the vital nutrients in the body.
Other benefits of the sports massage include the reduction of pain and anxiety and overall relaxation.

The Negative Sides Of Sports Massage

• The athlete can suffer some damage. This can happen when you are treated by a therapist that is not qualified enough. They might go too fast or might do it in wrongly.
• Can lead to fatigue.
• The patient can experience swollen tissues
• Muscle soreness and tenderness.
• Blood clotting can also be another negative effect.
• The patient can also end up having some open wounds.
• Fracture

There are some possible cases that the patient can endure internal bleeding, which can be very lethal and might cause further risks to the athlete. This may end up limiting the performance of the athlete. The patient can also complain of experiencing some severe pain after the therapy.

All these negative sides will be caused by an inexperienced therapist. Also, if the patient had some previous internal injuries, they might also be affected by the sports massage. For that reason, it is advised to contact a professional for scanning before you go through the procedure. This will help you to stay safe and avoid any possible injuries and side effects. Also, ensure that you choose a professional massage therapist. The therapist must have a certification to qualify them for the therapy. This will help you to avoid any lethal side effects in the future. All in all, the sports massage is one of the most effective massage therapies carried out in Singapore. It gives out reliable results an also, it helps to solve any previous injury. With this type of massage, you will be sure of staying healthy and being overly successful in your sports carreer.